Monthly Themed Care Packages Delivered.

A subscription service created exclusively for Chronic-illness Patient Warriors!​​

Easy to Order

Select the amount of care packages to be received.

Worldwide Delivery.

Chose between, Pre-paid, Monthly, and Quarterly delivery options.

Made by a Spoonie, For Spoonies.

Our owner & CEO partners with other chronic-illness entrepreneurs to support the community. 

Guaranteed to Spread Love.

No amount of products can cure chronic-illness but a Spoonie Essentials Box may just be that extra care & kindness.

What is the Spoonie Essentials Box?

Spoonies Essentials is a monthly "pick-me-up" Care Package Subscription for Chronic-illness Patients; of items intended to make each day a little easier by spreading a little extra love and care.

Each box provides the opportunity for allergy, dietary, and medical restrictions personalization through our member profile creation process.   

Each month a Care Package of hand selected products, goods, and services is created to support the bad days, compliment the good days, and enhance infusion or hospital stay-cations for each Patient Warrior!

What's Inside?

Each month boasts themed care packages--like "Naps, Netflix, and Pills", "Nama-stay-in- bed", "Painsomnia", "Self-Love isn't Selfish" etc--equipped with 8 items of any particular combination of: "Do it Yourself Projects" for times spent at home or in the hospital, a note of encouragement, a healthy snack, new or unique all-natural remedies to common chronic-illness challenges, tokens of love and inspiration, and anything else new and innovative on the market that may enhance the life of a Patient-Warrior!

Why Spoonie Essentials Box?

Having a strong and supportive group of friends & family is critical to the complete care of every chronically ill patient warrior. Regular everyday task can be challenging to impossible, constantly visiting Doctor's offices, taking loads of medication, frequent to extended hospital "staycations", and functioning with an expected level of pain everyday is exhausting.

Combine the emotional, physical, and mental strength it takes to fight an illness daily; and sometimes you need a "pick-me-up". Something to bring a smile to your face. Something to encourage you. Something to make you feel connected and not alone. Something that may just help make your day that much easier. Something to validate your visibility. Something to remind you someone cares. 

The gift of a Spoonie Essentials care package subscription to a chronically ill loved one is the perfect way to send your love all year long!


How It Works.

1. Create a Membership Profile.

Input subscriber-patient medical restrictions & personal preferences.

2. Your Box is Curated.

A Spoonie Essentials Box is made for each Subscriber-Patient with careful attention to personal preferences.

3. Enjoy a Spoonie Essentials Box.

The fun of new Chronic-illness friendly products, happy mail, & a global community of support await each Subscriber-Patient.

What Do Spoonie Essentials Box Recipients Think?

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