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Our owner Brittani, carefully searches high and low for new, old, and unique remedies to common Chronic-illness challenges along with items of comfort, support, and encouragement!


A little about the Spoonie Essentials Box mission…

Hi, I’m Brittani, owner of Spoonie Essentials Box, and chronic illness patient warrior. I started Spoonie Essentials the day after I was discharged from a 3 month battle for my life. I have a rare disease, Dress Syndrome along with Crohn's Disease, Lupus, Atatxia, and I am a Colon Cancer Survivor.

While in the hospital, I received care packages and gifts from friends& family. These tokens of love and encouragement got me through the really hard times. I created Spoonie Essentials Box to share that feeling with others who are living the same experiences I am. 

When I was in the hospital, it didn’t matter the value of the gift, it was the thought and care that encouraged me. My goal with Spoonie Essentials is to provide that same care package encouragement to those who are able to purchase and those who are not. 

 Spoonie Essentials Box subscription service focuses on every chronic-illness patient's  "complete care" in long term treatment of chronic-illness especially the emotional well-being of each and every Patient Warriors. 

Each box is meant to offer support, encouragement, and connection to a community of other Patient Warriors in the form of items, quotes, happy mail, emails, newsletters, and social media interaction to nourish the mind, strengthen the heart, heal the ailments of the body, feed the soul, and comfort the spirit. 
Spoonie Essentials Box is ultimately inspired by the fervent desire to make invisible-illness visible. If one person better understands the  Chronic-illness Life, then a family member or friend may have a better quality of life as the invisibility of chronic-illness is eradicated brining us all one step closer to the ULTIMATE GOAL of a cure.

A portion (25%) of each sale goes towards providing FREE boxes to those Warriors in the hospital and sending “Happy Mail” to every Spoonie Essentials Subscriber of all time. 

Thank you for supporting a fellow chronic illness warrior and for helping to spread love to other members in our community!

xo britt

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