Discovering cool solutions to chronic-illness challenges is what we do!

Our owner Brittani, carefully searches high and low for new, old, and unique remedies to common chronic-illness fighter challenges and cool items of comfort, support, and encouragement. 


A little about the Spoonie Essentials Box mission…

“The idea behind this care package came from the firsthand experience of going in-and-out of the hospital fighting a chronic-illness that no one can see. Fighting an invisible-illness is hard because it feels as if no one understands what it is like.

The #SpoonieEssentialsBox is a way to support chronic-illness fighters by letting them know they are not alone in their fights, and, better yet, equipping them with items to nourish their mind, strengthen their heart, heal their body, feed their soul, and comfort their spirit. 

The #SpoonieEssentialsBox seeks to educate the world about the realities of chronic-illness, in hopes of reaching a better level of understanding of how #Spoonies have to fight daily. Friends and family are exposed to a means by which they may better understand chronic-illness and help cope with its symptoms through a monthly care package of things which lessen the burden of fighting an invisible-illness . 

The #SpoonieEssentialsBox is ultimately inspired by the fervent desire to make invisible-illness visible. Profits  from the #SpoonieEssentialsBox will go towards funding a future non-profit organization, #iAmVisible.

If one person, just one person, better understands chronic-illness, then a family member or friend may have a better quality of life as the invisibility of chronic-illness is eradicated brining us all one step closer to the ULTIMATE GOAL of inspiring a cure.

Meet Our Owner.

Brittani, a Crohn's Disease, Lupus, DRESS Syndrome, Colon Cancer having Graduate Student at Pepperdine School of Public Policy. I am studying to learn how to better advocate for Chronic-illness fighters at the local and state levels.  

Brittani  didn't choose the chronic invisible-illness  life; it choose her.  Brittani has been diagnosed with severe Crohn's Disease, DRESS Syndrome, Lupus, and Cancer. There are days even now when Brittani says "I  feel my life has been stolen from me. My hopes and dreams have been replaced with feigned acceptance and tolerance of my new reality. I had to accept  I am and will always be sick

A quote from Brittani's The Mighty Site article describes her battle with chronic-illness as 'I find myself simultaneously holding on to a life that is no longer mine, while playing a guest appearance in the life I'm now living. Temporarily making a cameo until I return to that which is me. I think that's the hardest part about being "real" sick. Some part of you thinks it's not real, it's just a dream, any moment you'll wake up and rejoice in your old life before the nightmare. Reconnecting and catching up on all the things you've missed while you were gone. Then something happens and it hits you like a wrecking ball, you're already awake. You're not a guest actor. You've been going through the motions, pinning for another lifetime, the other you. The one you love and miss dearly". ​​

Brittani hopes to eradicate the invisibility of invisible chronic illnesses and help people receive those things they usually wouldn't buy for themselves but have the potential to make their day-to-day reality a little brighter and a little better.   

During a discussion with one of her most respected and beloved Professors at Pepperdine, she was given words of encouragement that even today offer her a sense of peace she can't quite explain, and maybe they will give you this too. Professor McAllister said: ​ "In the end, we have to find some way of accepting what we cannot change and not because it could be worse or that it is helpful to be optimistic, but because it is an essential part of coming to embrace one's self in context. To live in circumstances that DEFINE you more than you wish and to be frustrated at the capricious nature of our burdens are means by which we craft a view to the world, reality, and ourselves. It is the raw material of our own defined lives, for no life is ever free to be completely self-created while every life is the product of some degree of choice.  Most of us do not like the list of choices open to us and the truly interesting among us find a way of adding choices that don't immediately appear to be options, but it remains true that we have in those limitations the means for our own distinctiveness, which is to say our most profound humanity".   ​​

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