Frequently Asked Questions About Spoonie Essentials Box.

Q. When Will I Get My First Spoonie Essentials Box?

A. Depending on when an order was placed determines which box a Patient Warrior will receive. Each month has a cut of date of the 21st of the month to receive the current months box. Any subscriptions or purchases made after the 21st of the given month are for the NEXT month's box. For Example: If an order is placed on January 23rd, this order will receive February's box.

Q. How Do I Cancel My Spoonie Essentials Box Subscription?

A. Log into your profile and in the top hand section of your profile should be a button that says actions, click on it and in the drop down menu there should be "cancel subscription" from the options listed. Simply click "cancel subscription" and you will no longer receive a chronic-illness care package.

Q. When Does My Spoonie Essentials Box Ship?

A. Spoonie Essentials Box ships between the 21st and 31st each month to allow me enough time to pack and personalize each and every one of these chronic illness care packages!

Q. How Do I Sign-up For The Newsletter?

A. You can Sign-up Here for the newsletter!

Q. How Do I Contact Spoonie Essentials Box?

A. Email: Hello@SpoonieEssentialsBox.com or for our complete contact information visit here.