What's Inside?

Spoonie Essentials mystery subscription boasts at least $80 in value with  care package themes  --like "Naps, Netflix, and Pills", "Nama-stay-in- bed", "Painsomnia", "Self-Love isn't Selfish" each month. Each box is filled with 5- 8 items of any particular combination of: "Do it Yourself Projects" for times spent at home or in the hospital, a note of encouragement, a healthy snack, new or unique all-natural remedies to common chronic-illness challenges, tokens of love and inspiration, and anything else new and innovative on the market that may lift the spirits of a Patient-Warrior whether bedridden or a more active lifestyle! It is the perfect self care  box for yourself or the cool sick friend gift!

Past Boxes.

Not sure what to expect from a Spoonie Essentials Box Care Package subscription? Discover the magic of past gift boxes for yourself!

"Welcome 2 The Sick Club" Box #SEBW17 | January 2017

"Self Care Isn't Selfish" #BeMySpoonie  | February 2017

"Naps, Netflix, and Ill" Box #SEBNNP17 | March 2017

"Insomnia Essentials" #SEBeautyZzz | April 2017

"Maybe It's Summer Must Haves" #MMH17 | May 2017

"The Scavenger Hunt" #SEBSH17 | June 2017

"Professional Pill Popper"#SEBPPP17  | July 2017

"Subscriber Favorites" #SEBFavorites17 | August 2017

" Fall Finds" #SEBFF17 | September 2017

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