Could you use a monthly dose of Self-Care?

Join the subscription service created exclusively for Chronic Illness Fighters like you! We put a fun spin on the extra care and detail of Chronic Illness Self-Care by offering new experiences through a monthly themed Self-Care package delivered directly to your door every month!

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Select how many self-care packages you would like to receive and for how long.

Worldwide Delivery.

You may receive a Spoonie Essentials Box anywhere in the world! 

Made by a Spoonie, For Spoonies.

Our Chronically Ill Owner & CEO partners with other chronic-illness entrepreneurs to support our community. 

Guaranteed to Spread Love.

No amount of products can cure chronic-illness but a Spoonie Essentials Box may just be that perfect extra dose of self-care you need!

What is Spoonie Essentials Box Anyways? 

Spoonies Essentials Box is a monthly themed subscription created exclusively for Chronic Illness Fighters' self care. Our themed package is intended to make showing a little love to yourself each day a little easier. There are hand selected products, goods, and services to support your bad days, compliment your good days, enhance infusion or hospital stay-cations, activities for home or go, and help you take the best care of you possible!

The monthly themes are geared towards popular Chronic Illness Culture topics with a positive twist! We offer an alternate perspective to common challenges, we provide you with tools to find the best way to practice self care, and ultimately love your life no matter the challenges it brings.

Got Allergies or Dietary Restrictions? No worries, each subscription provides you with the opportunity for allergy, dietary, and medical restriction(s) personalization through our membership profile creation process! Rest assured, we take these things seriously because our creator personally knows how challenging it is living with a limited diet.  

Happy Subscriber's!

Wondering What's Inside?

Each month creative themes like--"Naps, Netflix, and Pills", "Nama-stay-in- bed", "BeautyZzz", "Self-Love isn't Selfish" etc-- are actually a surprise right up until the Member's Only Newsletter reveals them to create an entire Self-Care Discovery experience! Equipped with 5-8 items from the 5 core categories our CEO & Founder--britt, formulated to create the Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery System

Sometimes we use a combination of sub-categories or a mixture of them both. But the end goal remains the same, offer our members new perspectives on how to take the best care of themselves and what things can be used to do it. So that living the happiest, healthiest, best version of their-lives is as easy to achieve as possible!

Spoonie Essentials Box items have been anything from notes of encouragement, healthy snacks, new or unique all-natural remedies to common chronic-illness challenges, tokens of loving inspiration, and anything else new and innovative on the market that may enhance your life by even just a little bit!

The 5 Core Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery Categories:

  • Mind: something that stimulates your mind.
  •  Heart: something to inspire you. 
  • Body: something healthy for your body
  •  Soul: something to nourish your soul.
  • D.I.Y Projects that help build a skill.

Why Should You Order a Box?

Sometimes when you live with chronic illness regular everyday task can be challenging to impossible, visiting Doctor's offices, taking medications, and living with an expected level of pain everyday can be exhausting.

Combined with the emotional, physical, and mental strength it takes to fight an illness daily, means taking extra special care of yourself can be a challenge. 

This subscription is a great way to help you on your road to self discovery and better health.

 Remind yourself to take extra care of you, teach you new ways to "treat yo' self", and enhance your overall wellness, every month!

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How It Works.

1. Create a Membership Profile.

Input Recipient medical restrictions & personal preferences.

2. Your Box is Curated.

A Spoonie Essentials Box is made for each Subscriber with careful attention to personal preferences.

3. Enjoy Spoonie Essentials Box.

The fun of new Chronic-illness friendly self care products, happy mail, & a global community of support await each Subscriber.

"Spoonie Essentials Box is critical to Chronic Illness Community".

Don't take our word for it. Yeah we say we take Chronic Illness Self-Care seriously, but here's an exact screenshot (2 stars and ALL, so you can trust it's not our best review) of what a real #SEB Subscriber had to say about Spoonie Essentials Box. 

So you can see for yourself!