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Our owner & chronic-illness fighter britt, carefully searches high and low for new, old, and unique remedies to common chronic-illness challenges along with items of comfort, support, and encouragement to help you find the best Self-Care tools for you!


Our Mission: 

Here at Spoonie Essentials our mission is simple,we are a new type of Chronic Illness Fighter Lifestyle Brand.

The #SEBfamily tribe knows we are sick, but we chose the life we live. Our health, our happiness, our care is our choice. We take Self-Care seriously because it is a top priority. We never give up because when life gets tough, we get tougher. We always spread love as thick as peanut butter, especially to ourselves. We value our bodies with natural, clean, and organic foods and products that fit our budgets as full time patients. If you ask "healthy people" or mainstream media they'll tell you self-care is one-size fits all, but that's just not true. 

Our themed packages seek to  provide every member of our #SEBfamily with hand selected Chronic Illness Self-Care gadgets and gizmos to make showing a little love to yourself each day a little easier. There are hand selected products, goods, and services to support bad days, compliment good days, enhance infusion or hospital stay-cations, activities for home or go!.

We hope to empower every Chronic Illness Fighter with the tools and resources to take the best care of themselves possible, so that they may live their happiest, healthiest, best life.

Our goal is to deliver a uniquely special experience for you, with every box!

Who Exactly Created Spoonie Essentials Box? & Why Do They Think A Box Will Change My Life? 

Funny story actually, I'm Britt, and I am a member of a tribe of Chronic Illness Warriors that see the road to better health and self discovery differently. We know we are sick, but our care is our choice. I started Spoonie Essentials a year after an epic battle for my life because understanding the value of Self-Care Discovery saved me. It brought me to the happiest, healthiest, best version of my life I've ever lived! I have DRESS Syndrome, a rare disease that literally makes my body shut down from certain medical drugs (& chemicals in general), amongst Crohn's Disease, Lupus, and a brief relationship with Colon Cancer.

At some point during my chronic illness experience I realized my only goal had become too “just feel even a little bit better”.  I was in and out of the hospital. Catching some infection or following up with my team of specialist. I  was frustrated. I felt stuck. I was “sick of being sick and tired”. I hated not being able to eat anything that tasted 'good'. I found out the really hard way I was deathly allergic to Sulfa and most chemicals, so I was terrified of using anything on my body after my skin healed from my DRESS flare. I was inside a room with no view almost everyday, hardly ever leaving the house. Frankly, there was nothing about my life that I really enjoyed, it was all "necessary regiments for my health". All I wanted was too wake up every day and feel okay, for once!

When I really thought about it, all I really wanted was to wake up everyday and be okay with me. Even the parts that I hated, like trolling the internet for hours a day before buying body wash. Or second guessing a new ingredient 8 times before actually trying it. I wanted so desperately to be in a space of loving myself, all of myself and really being ok with whatever that looked like. I wanted to love myself so much that I was at peace with the aspects of my health I couldn’t control but still honestly say I was doing everything in my power to be the best me I could be. Living the best version of the chronic illness experience, as best I could. I wanted that, but I didn’t know how to get it.

Once I got in the mindset of trying to take better care of myself, I found out how expensive most mainstream examples of “healthy” really were when you spend a majority of your income on medicine. Actually trying to “take care of yourself” feels like a luxury. Like “well damn, there goes that Idea I thought. How could I afford to try all this stuff? Where can I find healthy food that taste good and was actually doable price wise?" 

I'm sure you're wondering how this lead to an entire subscription box. Just wait, we'll get there I promise.

Eventually during my last stay in the hospital, the self-care packages I received from my friends tailored to my "unique" needs, really inspired me to want to share my idea— learning and trying for yourself the different tools and resources of Self-Care; is the secret to the road to self discovery and health. Knowing what works best for you, knowing your options, and using them is living the happiest, healthiest, best version of your life possible—with every Chronic Illness Fighter in the world because it literally changed my life!  

I realized the power in taking better care of myself. After awhile I looked up and I realized I was feeling better, while not cured, but sincerely feeling better about every aspect of my life. It’s kind of like the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”, you don’t realize how long it’s been or what’s happening because you’re so busy enjoying yourself. That’s what it felt like. I didn’t even realize it was happening until it already happened!  

I found a new appreciation for the fact that the products I use for and in my body are incredibly important in taking the best care of me possible. What I eat, the things I learn from experiences I do or don’t try, exercising my mind, the positive affirmations I surround myself with, the way I think, what I read—all are among things that brought me too living a happier, healthier, better version of my life. 

I knew I wanted to share this, but at first I didn't know how. I didn't dream of starting a subscription box exactly. When I dreamt it all up, I kept getting stuck on the fact that each person would only get one. That seemed like the exact opposite of the affect I was going for, so I thought about it a bit more. 

One of the symptoms of my illnesses is insomnia, when I stayed up all night, I passed the time searching the Internet for everything I could find that might make me feel better. I mean let’s be candid, I didn’t even really feel like I knew how to “better” take care of myself. What does that even look like when you live your life on a student budget in Southern California?

So I spent hours upon hours, easily 1000's, looking up “what is and isn’t” good for my chronic illnesses, what were other ways to help myself feel better overall, what else was there available to me in addition to following my team of specialist advice to the letter.

I felt silly for even trying to “take better care of myself” and having the nerve to google it. I struggled with feeling guilty for taking care of me when it meant “slacking” in other areas of life. I didn’t know where to begin to look for “good products” that weren’t expensive, or how to figure out “what’s the best way to take care of myself”? Shouldn’t I know this? I’m an adult after all, I thought. But I did not let that stop me. I did not allow my fear and lack of knowledge keep me from trying. I spent more time with myself. I made the most of staying in by trolling pinterest & creating activities to do by myself or when I had guests. I kept buying things. I kept reading things. I never gave up, and I never surrendered to my fear of what I didn't know.  

As I began learning what taking care of myself really meant, I found products I could actually use (and afford) that didn’t have all this stuff in it I couldn't have. I was enjoying  “experiencing” things while undergoing chemotherapy but it didn't start that way. At first I hated being inside all the time, but my amazing beau and creative imagination really shifted how I used all that time I spent at home. In learning what was available to me to take better care of myself, I found myself an expert on all sorts of gadgets, gismos, foods, and experiences that were the best and newest things on the market for chronic illness.

Ok, back to the box. On my journey I also learned there are so many things that limit someone with chronic illness, like you & I's, ability to take real care of ourselves that are out of our control, and honestly just not our fault. To eliminate some of the barriers to taking care of yourself  I decided to put it in a monthly box. I knew all about brain fog and I knew no matter how hard we try, taking care of us sometimes falls to last on the list of the things we have to do every single day. A regular dose of chronic illness self care reminders seemed the only way to go.

I guess I never really got off the internet. But I'm pretty sure I'm at "google master" level 100. I carefully plan each box from my bed. Spending hours on the internet hand selecting different products, goods, and services. I create the themes from inspiration of popular chronic illness things with a twist! At S.E.B taking time to take care of you is fun, exciting, and as convenient  possible! In the beginning I packed each and every box myself until I realized part of my own personal self-care and offering the best service possible was to partner with a fulfillment center. 

After I tried enough combinations of things creating  home-staycation experiences and saw how much people really loved the box. It hit me. I could do this, like really do it. I could create a monthly "tool-kit" in a box that made self-care cool. A brand that celebrated seeing the road to better health & self-discovery differently. I could create a company around the culture of being chronically ill and still wanting to live the best life possible. 

Ultimately, when I left the hospital the last time before S.E.B. was officially born, I truly had it in my heart that I was going to do it. I was discharged and went straight back to the computer. I researched some more. I figured out how to exactly to start a subscription box company. I learned to build a website. I studied up on Instagram & Facebook marketing, then I just did it. I posted the box. For like the first week, nothing happened. Then OMG out of nowehere at like 2am (yes I was up researching lol), I got my first subscription! And it was a 12-month membership!  I ended up with 30 subscribers my first month.

But after that, Spoonie Essentials took on an identity of it's own. It became more than a box of self care essentials, it became a way of life. Members began calling themselves the #SEBfamily, and we grew into a tribe of chronic-illness warriors that never give up and never surrender. We understand we are ill, but decide our care is our choice. Our self-care is a priority and we take living our happiest, healthiest, best life from dreams to reality. 

Because we're literally fighting against our bodies daily, we have to work smarter not harder. We spread love as thick as peanut butter, and we know our illnesses are invisible, but we are not. We are visible.

I learned the really hard way that the destination is just as important as the journey. I know there are hundreds of different invisible chronic illnesses and they affect each and every one of us differently. But once you make the switch to taking the best care of you, navigating the road to self discovery and health is so much easier, and helping others find their way becomes your mission. 

I want to share the experience of discovering monthly doses of new, classic, fun, and innovative Self-Care tools with every one of you fellow Chronic Illness Fighters. So you too can be the happiest, healthiest, best version of yourselves possible!

Each month I create a Self-Care package with any combination of 5-8 items from 5 core categories I formulated to create the Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Navigation System. Sometimes these categories are intermingled and sometimes I use sub-categories. But the end goal still amounts the same. Sharing new perspectives on how to take care of yourself and what things can be used to best do it!

The 5 Core Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery Categories:  

1. Mind: something that stimulates your mind.

 2. Heart: something to inspire you.

 3. Body: something healthy for your body 

4. Soul: something to nourish your soul.

& of a personal favorite...

5. D.I.Y Projects: These are usually “Projects” that I personally put together that help build a skill either internally or externally.  

 The 5 Core Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery tools provide you with a unique experience on the journey of taking the best care of you. But remember that, even when your subscription ends, never stop using the tools and resources you've received to keep living the S.E.B. lifestyle forever!

Xo Britt-- CEO & Founder

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