Our Community of Support

Spoonie Essentials Box community partner, The Unchargeables, provides every Subscriber with an extended community of support through a Global Network of over 10,000 peer chronic illness fighters.

 You are never alone in your fight. Our #SEBfamily community wants to ensure no matter where you live in the world you always have positive people in your corner and on your team each step of your journey through life. 

With 100's of illnesses represented, your extended family just got a whole lot bigger! 

Join the closed community of support for validity, encouragement, a space to celebrate your "Chargie Wins", and make friends all over the world!

The Unchargeables is a community specifically for the Chronically Ill. 

It doesn´t matter if you have a diagnosis or are still undiagnosed. If you're fighting an invisible illness, birth defect or chronic pain, The Unchargeables is a place for you.

The Unchargeables community forum and closed support group are places you can go too and be amongst people who understand and get Chronic Illness life. Although we all fight different things in various degrees of severity, everyone supports each other. We build each other up, spread positivity, and help each other practice self care. 

 The goal of The Unchargeables community is to raise awareness and let Chronic Illness Fighters around the world know that they are not alone and will never be with a 24/7 support line (and group). TU is a safe place to vent, laugh, cry, ask for advice and just be. Share flares, bad days and "Chargie Wins".    

What is a "Chargie Win"? It is an accomplishment that makes you feel good. How ever small, like getting out of bed, taking a shower or getting groceries. Small victories which we can share and celebrate together, while the rest of the world doesn´t understand.   

Would you like to be part of this community? Join the Unchargeables and become a Chargie, our word for an unchargeable warrior, a chronic illness fighter like you!  

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