Frequently Asked Questions About Spoonie Essentials Box.

Q. When Will I Get My First Spoonie Essentials Box?

A. To be able to ensure that each box is created to the exact dietary, allergy, and sizing needs of every recipient we have a cut off date of the 21st of the month prior to receiving a box. 

So depending on when an order was placed determines which box you will receive. For example, if you buy a box on December 21st, this means you will get January's box. This ships by January 31st. The exact date is kept a secret in order to allow the box to be a "surprise" delivery that randomly brings you a smile!

If you buy a box from December 22nd on for example, you would get February's box. Which ships by February 28th. This means you may wait up to 5 weeks for your box to ship. We give a conservative estimate so that you can have a realistic expectation of when your box will arrive.

Q. How Do I Cancel My Spoonie Essentials Box Subscription?

A. Easy, simply log into your "Spoonie Essentials Box" profile and in the top hand section of your profile should be a button that says actions, click on it and in the drop down menu there should be "cancel subscription" from the options listed. Simply click "cancel subscription" and you will no longer receive a chronic-illness care package.

Q. When Does My Spoonie Essentials Box Ship?

A. Spoonie Essentials Box ships by the end of each month! For example, in January the box will ship by the 31st but in February it will ship by the 28th.

Q. How Do I Enter the Free Giveaway?

A. You can Enter Here!

Q. How Do I Contact Spoonie Essentials Box?

A. Email: Hello@SpoonieEssentialsBox.com or for our complete contact information visit here.

Q. What's Inside Spoonie Essentials Box?

A. Our Self-care mystery subscription puts a twist on popular  chronic-illness culture challenges with past themes like-- "Naps, Netflix, and Pills", "Date Night In", "Spoonie Spa", "Self-Love isn't Selfish". Each month our Members-Only Newsletter reveals the mystery theme and each box gives a clue to the next! 

Every package has any combination of 5-8 items from 5 core categories formulated to create the Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery System to offer a new perspective on how to take care of you and what things can be used to do it. 

View Past Boxes here!

Q. Does Spoonie Essentials Box Donate to Charity?

A. Yes. Spoonie Essentials sponors charity events hosted by our Ambassador League and instead of donating to a third party organization, our CEO britt renee' helps Chronic-illness Patients directly by providing FREE boxes  to chronic illness patients in the hospital. When her health allows, Britt personally delivers boxes and goody bags to the hospitals, and spends time with those who receive them.

Q. Can I pick a theme or not receive products I don't like?

A. Nope, we do the hard work for you, and pick exciting themes and products for everyone each month! Spoonie Essentials Box CEO & Founder britt combines 1000's of hours of research, experimentation, creativity, the self-care discovery system, and a lot of love to create each box. Sometimes though we ask our fans to vote for their favorite products or themes on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow us there to join in the fun!

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds of our mystery subscription service, as each box is created to the recipients personal profile, but members may cancel at any time through their profile. Pre-paid subscriptions are also not eligible for a refund.

Q. What if my box ships to the wrong address?

A. Every member has their very own profile in which they should keep all of their information up-to-date. When the information in your profile is updated and current at the time of shipment, another Spoonie Essentials Box will be sent out to you. However, when this is not the case, we will not send out another Spoonie Essentials Box. If you notice you haven't received your box yet, send us an email at hello@spoonieessentialsbox.com!

Q. Can I buy just 1 Spoonie Essentials Box?

A. Yes! You can purchase a single box here! You may also purchase past boxes during our sales here as well.