What's Inside Spoonie Essentials Box?

Our Self-care mystery subscription puts a twist on popular  chronic-illness culture challenges with past themes like-- "Naps, Netflix, and Pills", "Date Nigt In", "Spoonie Spa", "Self-Love isn't Selfish". Each month our Members-Only Newsletter reveals the mystery theme and each box gives a clue to the next! 

Every package has any combination of 5-8 items from 5 core categories formulated to create the Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery System to offer a new perspective on how to take care of you and what things can be used to do it. 

Past boxes have had "Do it Yourself Projects", items of encouragement, healthy snacks, new or unique all-natural remedies to common chronic-illness challenges, tokens of inspiration, self love reminders, and anything else new and innovative on the market that may lift your spirits and lead you down the road to self discovery and health!

The 5 Core Spoonie Essentials Self-Care Discovery Categories:  

Mind: something that stimulates your mind.

 Heart: something to inspire you. 

Body: something healthy for your body 

Soul: something to nourish your soul.

D.I.Y Projects that help build a skill.  

Past Boxes.

Not sure what to expect from a Spoonie Essentials Box Self-Care Package subscription? Discover the magic of past boxes for yourself!

"Self Care Isn't Selfish" #BeMySpoonie  | February 2017

"Naps, Netflix, and Ill" Box #SEBNNP17 | March 2017

"Insomnia Essentials" #SEBeautyZzz | April 2017

"Maybe It's Summer Must Haves" #MMH17 | May 2017

"Subscriber Favorites" #SEBFavorites17 | August 2017

" Fall Finds" #SEBFF17 | September 2017

Self-Care is never selfish.

Start navigating the road to Self-discovery and Health!